Rodolfo and Gloria Dinzel

Los Dinzel

‘Los Dinzel’ was a duet of stars, a couple of dancers who left their mark on the history of Argentine Tango. The rose to fame after the premiere of the Broadway show ‘Tango Argentino’ in New York. They took this show all over the world, and their success rejuvenated the waning interest for Argentine tango, and returned it to its native Buenos Aires. The name ‘Los Dinzel’ so found its way to books on the history of tango. Over their lifetime, the couple conducted a deep study of tango as a phenomenon, as well as other Argentine dances, which allowed the eventual creation of a method of learning, called the Dinzel System. The system serves as a basis for education in the University of Tango in Buenos-Aires (CETBA).

Gloria and Rodolfo didn’t focus exclusively on the training of adult tango dancers and qualified teachers. They also organised tango festivals for children, tango projects for the blind, worked with medical organisations treating Parkinson’s Disease. The Dinzel System was also the basis of the famous project Psychotango. The Dinzel Sustem and its use to teach primary school children was described in the tango teachers’ guide ‘Un abrazo en la escuela’, bu Alba Ferretti. Rodolfo Dinzel himself also wrote several books about Tango. The legacy of ‘Los Dinzel’ is spread throughout the world by dedicated students of Dinzel Internacional.